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Online Shopping - Intermediate

J Jeff Bezos founded Amazon.com in 1994. Like a lot of the wildly successful businesses today, Amazon.com began as a small garage-company in Seattle. The company started off as a bookselling website that grew at an incredible speed. With the promise to deliver any book anywhere it attracted a large customer base in record time. By 1997 Amazon.com had 1,000,000 customer accounts and over 148 million USD in revenue. The following year, the company’s revenue jumped to 610 million USD and has only continued to grow since. The company expanded quickly, and by 1999 it was selling everything from software to household appliances, as well as music, movies, toys and of course, books. Amazon.com was becoming the “everything store” that Bezos had initially envisioned. In 2000 Amazon started to allow individuals and small companies to sell products on their website. A few years later, Amazon started an innovative project called A9.com which sought to improve and develop search engine technology. After that, the company launched Amazon Web Services and Amazon Simple Storage Services which offer different levels of cloud computing and storage space respectively. As if all that wasn’t enough, in 2007 Amazon revolutionized the book market with the launch of the Kindle e-reader. As the publishing of e-books became more popular thanks to the Kindle, Amazon decided to try its luck with publishing, and in 2009 Amazon started their own publishing company. Amazon Encore was created to publishing out-of-print books while also allowing individuals to self-publish. Two years later Amazon.com created Amazon Publishing with a goal of publishing their own books. Seemingly aiming to take over every market in existence, the company soon acquired Twitch, bought a video-game studio and released a music streaming app, Amazon Music Unlimited. The year 2015 saw the launch of Amazon Echo, a device supported by the digital assistant known as Alexa. On top of everything else, Amazon has even branched out into the movie market with Amazon Studios and food delivery services with AmazonFresh. After so many years of constant success and expansion, Bezos still seems as ambitious as ever. In 2017 Amazon announced that it had acquired rights to some of the biggest titles in the history of fantasy literature. In the following years, Amazon Studios will be working on the production of three major TV Series: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Dark Tower by Stephen King and a The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. The news has become a controversial pop culture topic with millions of skeptical fans eagerly waiting to see what comes next. As of 2018, Amazon.com is one of the highest valued companies in the world. 

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