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Tech Company - Intermediate

W With a vision to make computers widely available to the public, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne founded Apple on April 1, 1976. Wayne drafted the company’s partnership agreement and created the original logo. With his 10 percent stake to Jobs’ and Wozniak’s 45 percent each, he was meant to be the company’s adult-in-chief who would have the power to settle disputes between his younger co-founders. However, only twelve days later Wayne renounced his shares leaving Jobs and Wozniak to build the multibillion-dollar giant that we know today.  Wozniak was the engineer, Jobs was the businessman, and as it turned out, he was one of the best. Not long after the company was founded, Jobs made a deal with a local retailer to deliver 50 Apple I computers. He got the money for this by plunging the company into debt. Luckily, the order was delivered on time, and the money they earned helped them to start working on their next project. The Apple II was introduced at the West Coast Computer Fair in 1977, and it was an immediate success. It had color graphics and the first ever spreadsheet software called VisiCalc which made the computer highly desirable and practical for office use. It was also the first computer Apple sold that included a mouse and monitor. Their next big products were the Apple Lisa, named after Jobs’ Daughter and the Mackintosh which were released in succession in 1983 and 1984. Apple Lisa flopped, but the Mackintosh became a major success. Neither Wozniak nor Jobs, however, got to enjoy the benefits of that success as Woz left the company in 1983, and Jobs was voted off the board in 1985. Over the next decade, Apple was directed by John Sculley while Jobs founded another company called NeXT. In 1996 Apple bought NeXT and Jobs regained his place in the company he started. He was interim CEO for three years before becoming the permanent CEO in 2000. Jobs spearheaded Apple for the next 11 years which became the most successful years in the company’s history. The first thing Jobs did as CEO was partner up with Microsoft and release Microsoft Office on the Mackintosh. In 2001, following the partnership with Microsoft, the Mac OS X and one of its most iconic products, the iPod were released. After the stellar success of the iPod, Apple released iTunes in 2003 which was another monumental success. The year 2007 saw the release of the first iPhone, and in 2010 Apple launched the iPad. In just one decade, Apple managed to revolutionize the tech industry several times. Practically overnight the company doubled in value, and Apple became one of the most successful companies of all time. In 2011, however, everything changed with the passing of Steve Jobs. Today Apple is still a corporate giant, yet, it is unlikely the company will reach the same heights as it did when Steve Jobs was at the helm.  

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