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Coffee - Beginner

I Inspired by their favorite shop, Peet’s Coffee and Tea, three young entrepreneurs, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel, and Gordon Bowker decided to pursue their dream of owning a coffee-store, and in 1971, Starbucks was born. They chose to name their new company after Captain Ahab’s first mate in Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick. The world-renowned Starbucks logo features the two-tailed mermaid on which evokes thoughts of the early seafaring coffee traders. In contrast to today’s green logo, the original was actually brown and can still be seen in the oldest Starbucks store located in Seattle, Washington. What we know today as Starbucks is far from what its founders had in mind when they opened their first store. In fact, they firmly refused to make Starbucks a coffee shop. Instead, it was meant to be a place where locals could buy freshly roasted coffee beans and equipment for making coffee. The idea proved to be a success, and by 1980 there were four Starbucks shops in Seattle. However, everything changed in 1981 with the arrival of Howard Schultz. He was so thoroughly impressed with the store that he expressed his desire to work in it. Soon after, he was hired as the head of their marketing department. Starbucks thrived under Schultz's management. With one hit idea after another. He worked to improve customer service and the overall reputation of the shop. One of his biggest ideas, however, was not approved by the owners. Schultz wanted to make Starbucks into a place where people could gather, talk and relax while drinking freshly brewed coffee. He proposed to make Starbucks a café. When it was clear his idea would not happen, he quit his job and opened his own coffee shop, Il Giornale. The success of his new store allowed Schultz acquire Starbucks in 1987. As the new CEO, Schultz had the freedom to realize his original plan for the company, and that’s exactly what he did. By 1992, Starbucks became the biggest coffee-shop chain in the world with 165 stores across the U.S. In 1996 the first stores outside of the U.S. were opened in Japan, followed by several more in Singapore. The following years were filled with success and expansion despite a short period between 2007 and 2009 when the Great Recession hit the economy even affecting corporate giants such as Starbucks. However, the corporation quickly recovered and it wasn’t long before more mermaid signs were popping up across the globe again. Today, Starbucks is a household name that owns more than 20,000 stores and millions of loyal customers in 64 countries across the globe.

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