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Michael Jackson

Singer - Beginner

M Michael Jackson was born on August 29th, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He was a singer, dancer and songwriter who would eventually become known in the 1980’s as the “King of Pop”, one of the most famous musicians the world has ever seen. Michael’s was one of nine children to a father who played the guitar and trained his children to be musicians. When Michael was only five years old he joined the family pop group the “Jackson 5”. They were signed to Motown records in 1969 and made their first album “Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5”. This album was very successful, including several hit songs. The group became very famous very fast. They went on tour performing their songs and even had a cartoon made of them. Although the “Jackson 5” were successful, Michael, the lead singer and star of the group, began working on a solo career. At the age of 13, Michael released his first solo album titled, “Got to Be There”. He released 5 more solo albums, including his most famous, “Thriller” while still working with his family’s group. In total, Michael worked on 16 albums with the “Jackson 5” before leaving in 1983. The group only made one album after Michael’s departure. Some of the “Jackson 5” most famous songs were, “I’ll be There”, “ABC”, “I Want you Back” and “Never Can Say Goodbye”. Michael’s success as a solo artist was made with the “Off the Wall” album in 1979, winning a Grammy for the song, “Don’t Stop ‘til you get Enough”. His next album, however, became the best-selling album in history. “Thriller” (1982) won eight Grammy Awards including album of the year. Artists such as Quincy Jones and Paul McCartney helped with the album and Michael was praised for his songwriting abilities. In 1983 Michael performed a song on television from the “Thriller” album called “Billie Jean”. It was at this performance when he first surprised audiences with the moonwalk. The dance move became an immediate fan favorite and Michael would be known for using it throughout his career. The following year, Michael was badly burned while filming a commercial for Pepsi. He received plastic surgery to repair his wounds.  Michael released four more albums in his career and was involved in six Hollywood movies during his lifetime. He also co-wrote the charity single “We Are the World” in 1985 and performed it with many famous artists of that time. In 2009, Michael was scheduled to start a final world tour titled “This is it”. Tickets for the first few shows sold out in just a few hours. Unfortunately, Michael died just before the tour started. A movie about the making of the tour which was released after his death became the bestselling concert film of all time. As of 2017, Michael has made $75 million since passing away. Source: https://www.biography.com/people/michael-jackson-38211

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