Plato, Philosophy - Advanced

Philosophy in Greek means the “love of wisdom” and that’s a pretty good place to start talking about this famous man. Plato was born around 420 BC near Athens Greece into a wealthy family and a . Read More..

Amelia Earhart, Pilot - Advanced

Born on July 24th, 1879 in Atchison, Kansas, USA, Amelia Earhart was a pilot, pioneer and author. During her short life, Amelia set many records and had a great many achievements despite . Read More..

Michael Jackson, Singer - Beginner

Michael Jackson was born on August 29th, 1958 in Gary, Indiana. He was a singer, dancer and songwriter who would eventually become known in the 1980’s as the “King of Pop”, one of t. Read More..

Buddha, Spiritual Leader - Beginner

Buddha’s real name was Siddhartha Gautama and he was born a prince around 400 BCE in the area now known as Nepal. His father was a king and did not want Siddhartha to experience the pain and sufferi. Read More..

Frida Kahlo, Artist - Advanced

Frida Kahlo’s name at birth was Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo Calderon just outside Mexico City in La Casa Azul, which mean “The Blue House” in English. She was born on July 6th 1907 but she lat. Read More..

Audrey Hepburn, Actress - Advanced

Audrey Hepburn was born Audrey Kathleen Ruston on May 4th 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. Her father’s family was of British descent and thus, Audrey was also a British citizen attending school in Englan. Read More..

Bruno Mars, Musician - Intermediate

Bruno Mars was born on October 8th, 1985 on the island of Honolulu, Hawaii. His real name is Peter Gene Hernandez and he grew up in a family of musicians. Bruno has five siblings and has been performi. Read More..

Elon Musk, Businessman - Intermediate

Elon Musk is the real-life Iron Man with $11.5 billion in the bank and as of 2018 operating three very important tech companies. This engineer, businessman, and inventor was born in South Africa in 19. Read More..

Hayao Miyazaki, Animator - Advanced

Hayao Miyazaki is most well-known for his work with Ghibli Studios as a director, producer, writer and animator. Miyazaki was born on January 5th 1941 in Tokyo, Japan. His father worked for a company . Read More..

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